The products ordered will be shipped in a cardboard box and can not be delivered into the mailbox.
There must be someone at home to receive the package.
Our shipping method: only home address and signature.
The package may not be delivered with a neighbour and you have to sign for receipt of the package.
If you want a different delivery method (for example, do the neighbours), you can specify in your order under "different address".

All prices quoted on this website include VAT: 9%.


The delivery period is dependent on a number of factors: is the product in stock (usually, we have over all products in stock).
The order is paid?  
Want to have your order quickly, go for a direct payment method: PayPal or Credit Card.
The time of ordering is also important: orders late in the afternoon or evening to be done can not be processed the same day.
As a customer you can assume that you have within 2 working days your order in house (only for The Netherlands).
By default you will be notified.
When your order is shipped to us you will receive an email with order data.
In this mail send by DHL you will find the track&trace.
Most orders are shipped within 24 hours after ordering.

The shipping costs (only for The Netherlands,Belgium,Luxembourg and Germany) are € 10,-.
This is a contribution to the actual costs and therefore we do not ask extra charge.
When you order products above  € 150,- you don't have to pay shipping.
You have nothing special to do, the cashier makes this automatic.

Costs other countries

For shipping on all orders less than € 150,- the costs for France, Spain and the UK  € 20,-.
All orders above  € 150,- there are no shipping costs for these countries.
For all other countries, see order form.

Delivery other EU countries

Delivery to other EU countries than Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, UK and Luxembourg will at least take several business days.
The exact time depends on the destination country.
The exact delivery method depends on local circumstances.
If you have any question about shipping to your country, please send mail to: