About us


What is the meaning and purpose of the new Toppharm?

It is well known that the body requires the necessary nutrients to perform and function properly. The simplest actions, but also strenuous activities, demand a lot from the body.
The body cannot provide the required nutrients itself, but obtains them from food.
A healthy life, with good nutrition and sufficient exercise is important.
TopPharm also offers you the necessary daily supplement!
TopPharm is a provider of nutritional supplements according to orthomolecular medicine. A wide range of nutritional supplements offers you the right support!
Toppharm's main intention is the ordinary people in these difficult times
to enjoy all the benefits that nature offers us all.
How? By offering high-quality products at very affordable prices.
It is therefore the fervent wish of Super Nature Products to create a...
reach a larger audience.

Why Handelshuis Bouwman?

Toppharm needs a few things to achieve its goal as quickly as possible!
It is therefore only logical that both experience 'in the field' and
youthful enthusiasm is an absolute necessity.
That is why Handelshuis Bouwman fully meets these requirements.

Response from Mr Jan Bouwman:

During the long years of my experience in the wholesale world of
nutritional supplements, I naturally got to know the quality of the Super Nature Products products.
I can therefore fully agree with Toppharm's position.
Handelshuis Bouwman therefore gladly accepts the exclusive sale of all
Toppharm products in the Benelux.
It is therefore with great pleasure that I hereby express great care
to assist and help all candidate distributors of this beautiful brand.